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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Glamorise Elegance Underwire Lace Bra (9845)

  This my 3rd 'Elegance  Underwire Lace Bra (9845) from Glamorise. I think they've been my favorite bra for a few years now. And I am sad to say I think they have been discontinued! : ( That is why I ordered this off of ebay . I've checked around couldn't find any 40DD's except this grey/purple one.) (not my favorite color) So now I have 3 of them . My 1st one I bought around 2 years ago. It's white and is on it's last hooks and just about worn out.  My 2nd one is nude and it's almost brand new. All 3 are in 40DD.
     The 9845 is a full coverage , cut and sew 3part cups that almost look lace but are really of a soft mesh material. They have the super padded 'Wonderwire' underwire which are so soft and comfy! The 4.5 inch side wing and 3 hook and  back makes a sturdy band. This one is a grey-ish purple color(I guess they are calling it 'lilac') with pink bows on the gore and on the straps right above where they connect to the cups. Also the   same pink color lace that runs across the upper cups. The straps measure just over 3/4" wide
     I love these bras!
    I got this one from a seller on ebay for $31 and free shipping and it only took 3 days to arrive! I'm really bummed that they are discontinued. I am gonna keep my eyes open for more of these bras in 40DD and I might even try a sister size of 42D OR 38DDD! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

90E - Rosa Faia » Aurelia Underwire (5672)

    A really great bra by Anita

     I've had my "Aurelia (5672) now for over a month. I've wore it all day a few times a week. I have to say I really like it being that it is so comfortable. I bought mine from Break Out Bras through Amazone in 90E for $66. I think I made a good purchase. It is a very sturdy, well-made bra that almost fits like a glove. I say almost because I have slight wrinkling in the upper cups but, not enough to hardly notice. 
   The bra supports me and gives me a round shape and is so very comfy. It has 3/4 inch limited stretch straps and 3 hooks in the back. Seamless ,stretch-lace cups with good nipple coverage.
    I hear the "Aurelia (5672) is very close to being the "lace version" of the  Rosa Faia "Twin"underwire (5490). I will probably one day check out a twin(5490) myself.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ist blog post in over 2 years!

         Here is my 1st attempt at posting to this phony bra-blog in over 2 years! Anyway, PrimaDonna bras ,I've heard for years, are the most comfortable and well-made bras ever. One day, I'm gonna break down and spend the $150 (more or less ) for one of the 4 bras shown above. But for that expensive of a bra I want to be able to try them on before I buy. So, mail-order is out. This means I'll have to travel to San Diego and go to" Intimacy" at the Fashion Valley mall. And since I don't have a car, I'll have to bribe a friend or ride the bus for a few hours to get there.

  The most important thing is if they fit and are comfy.  That means they are supportive give me a good shape and are durable too!
      I love the way all 4 of the bras look on the models in the pictures. As you can see I'm into full-cup supportive underwire bras. I'm not just into white or nude bras, I like colors too. But all the pictures from the place I got these pictures were limited to white , nude and black. I really don't mind white and nude but black I don't care for very much.  
     Oh well. Who cares about what color my bras are anyways? Like I've mentioned before, this blog is just for fun because I love bras!! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Blog Logo

    Here is an idea for my blog's logo. I know this is a silly blog with out any educational value. But, this blog is just for fun for me. You know, kind of just goofing around. So, any way, I love my boobs and wearing bras is so much fun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lunaire Versailles (13211)

I finlly got a Lunaire Versailles Seamless Jacquard bra #13211! I've wanted one of these for some time. I don't know why it has taken me so long to get one. But, I'm really glad I did. Because I have to say it is probably the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. This one is a 38DD. I bought it new from Ebay. The whole bra is soft. The straps,the cups, even the wire is encased in a soft channel.
        Here's a few more pictures taken with my computer cam because my real camera isn't working right now.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I'd love bra shopping ,if I had the money!

    I think bra shopping is fun when I can afford it.It is hard for me, like most other women, to find bras that fit properly. I must say that it usually takes some shopping around and trying on a bunch of different bras from a few different stores but I don't mind, infact ,I kind of enjoy it. Because I usually find a bra or two that fits good , if, I can afford it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wonderbra Gel Pushup bra (7234)

     This is my 1st bra review on my silly bra blog. This bra is the Wonderbra (7234) Gel Pushup bra, This one is a size 38B which doesn't fit me, but it also isn't my bra. It actually is my friend Darla's bra. She just got it today. (Happy New Year!) from Hanes mail order. She spent $26.98 which includes the shipping and handling charge. She ordered it on-line on X-Mas day and 6 days later it arrived on her front porch. Darla was kind enough to let me examine the bra and even let me photograph her wearing it. Thank you Darla!
Sorry about the quality of the top  photo which is my friend Darla. I have to admit, I don't know what I'm doing with this blog or photography.........Anyway, this is what I think about the bra. ....
         The Wonderbra Gel Pushup (7234)
 This picture is the stock photo from Hanes where it was ordered from.   This bra seems to do a pretty good job at pushing up Darla's boobs. She is small chested and doesn't have much to push up. The bottom part of the cups are gel filled pads that are built right into the bra . The part of the of the cup that should be bellow the apex. . The under boob I guess you could say??
      Even though this 38B was too small for me, (by 2 or 3 cup sizes) and I didn't get to try it on myself, I can tell that I would prefer it with wider straps and a 3 hook back instead of only 2 hook back.
    Darla is really pleased with the look and fit and is happy with her purchase.
            Well there it is. My 1st bra review. I know it sucks but I am just doing this blog for my personal fun.
        See ya next time I get an idea or a wild hair.   :D